Act One – Scene Five: Exsitentialism and Conspiracy

Well, I’m back… Sorta.
Somewhere between an already busy life, a suddenly booming day job, and getting married, I seem to have let two weeks slide. But that’s all over now. Oh wait, not really. Tomorrow I’m gone for a week to a tropical resort to “recover” from the happiest day of my life. In the mean time I have absolutely nothing to report, so really all I’ve done here is waste your time. I’d go on doing just that, but my eyelids are drooping on me and Simon and Garfunkel are playing tricks on me so I’ll be back in give or take a week – hopefully with a bit of an update from my “King of the Line” project.
In the mean time, if this site hasn’t got enough content perhaps it’s because YOU haven’t contributed yet. I’ve got an uploads page here and I’d like for it to be used. Alternatively, if you’ve got something that perhaps you think might suit this site well, why not find me on facebook and tell me about it.
Until death part us or dragons devour us, etc.