Act Two – Scene Three: Where Convict Defined

Writer’s Block

This is a highly complex word that lazy people use to describe a certain form of laziness that causes them to loose all ability and desire. I have spoken.


A momentary lapse of writer’s block. Transversely, a lack of this is what lazy people use to explain away the realization of their laziness. I have spoken.


A constant – a thing which exists always and must be brought forth by sheer force of will – not a puppy that sometimes comes out to play and other times does not.


A wild animal of the distant northern wilderness, of close relation to the grizzly bear and the elusive yellow dragon. I have spoken.

(As a side note, blue is the only of the six main colors – including black and white which are not colors but, for the purposes of crayon manufacturing and this argument, are – blue is the only color of dragon that doesn’t sound completely badass.)

Thus have I taken this opportunity to write on the subject of not writing. I hope I have not glorified the matter as writers so often tend to do. My purpose here really has not been to discuss the matter, but to enjoy the feeling of my Apple keyboard beneath my clean fingertips and the sight of large and crisp AOC 22″ monitor which until this moment has been sadly neglected. This in describing the above words I convict myself. I have spoken.

ps. I am reminded once again that anything that can be said using ‘ly’ words generally sounds better after they have been omitted.