Act Two – Scene Four: Deckels and Dermitology

I don’t know if I’ve spelt this right. I won’t humiliate myself by attempting to retype the word. Henceforth I will stick to the more simplistic and modern ‘tattoo’. Thought, it should be noted that that’s not what this post is about. Perhaps it’s only the grapes talking, or perhaps it’s twenty minutes into the new day, and I’m still awake.

My last post was the breaking of a long stand of what must commonly be referred to as writer’s block. Sadly, this is as well.

“Project Phoenix” was supposed to be quick and simple. It has been neither of those things. I think that perhaps my greatest downfall was in going back and re-reading my work. In the past I would have highly recommended this to myself, but when I did it this last time, it seemed to me that every conversation that Mal had with (Wow, I totally can’t remember her name right now. First prize to the person who can tell me) was somewhat unbelievable. This led me to the realization that I would eventually need to go back and rewrite those conversations, and I think it got me so discouraged, that I haven’t been able to come back to the keyboard since.

Of course, I have other excuses as well, but I think my point still stands. On a side note, I seem to set myself to writing these messages just after midnight when I’m half asleep. I shall have to come back at some point when it’s the middle of the day and I’m in my right mind to see if they even make sense…

Anyhow, I suppose this post is me attempting to revive my writing habit. I should also note that I wrote nearly a paragraph in Project Phoenix before I came here, which right now is a big deal for me, so perhaps there is hope. Besides, I have a shiny new set of hard and soft ware (including windows 8 which I could write more than a few rants about) so I really have no excuse not to write.

Well, that’s it. That’s all I got.