Act One – Scene Nine: How to Catch a Corcodile With an Office Stapler

Thanks to the marvel of Mathematics I am pleased to announce that “The Fall of NaRasch” is approximately 18% complete.
Now, I know that doesn’t sound impressive at all, and when you consider how long I’ve been working on this it sounds downright depressing. But it’s not quite as bad as all that. Actually, for my part I’m about half way done editing, and a quarter of that has been accomplished in the past 2 months – that is to say, things are coming along faster. The remainder of my progress bar is for the different editing stages which, once begun, will be carried out by different people at the same time so that the remaining 50% will take much less time than the first 50.

I’m not sure if this is important to know
But reguardless I’m bothering telling you so

More snippets to follow soon

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