Act One – Scene Three: fan pages, pdf embeds, and a lot of hulabaloo about nothing

I’ve just added what might actually, at last, be called content. Under the persuasive, yet indirect, instruction from my sister at I’ve allowed the site to spill over into facebook land, and with the addition comes chapter one of “The Fall of NaRasch”. That was at the beginning of the day, but this is now the end and among my day’s accomplishments are a second and third chapter of NaRasch included in and available to everyone with a free membership. Note to self, set up jetpack plugin, as that’s probably going to be important in the near future? Maybe I’ll do that now.
And while we’re on the subject, why ‘The Fall of NaRasch’ anyway? Well because I think a book title should probably say a little more about what the book’s about then ‘Garawain-the gateway document’. That could be just about anything from a royal edict to a shipping record. And who really wants to read a book called Garawain anyway? We all love strange long fantasy names… but this time around I’m leaning more towards the ones that can be spelled and pronounced – which brings us to the second point.
What the heck is NaRasch? Because if any of us actually lived in a city called Fwackniersh we’d all rebell, even if we were already king. So, let’s clean up the names, fix a few run-on sentences, and generally fill in the grey areas with a little black and white where needed. Racubons is no more. Karbaan is a generic name for the ruler (like Pharoah) and as such a nameless father suffices. Slackrem becomes Slacer, Cracknos – Cranok, and so on and so forth, and where before i didn’t care about what word 2010 told me about my akward grammar, now I’m paying attention, and what do you know, the crazy software has a point! Adding to that an extra four years of growing up and another battery of editorial attacks, and we’re shaping up for something different enough to deserve a new title.
And on that note enter the Arlen Bresh Publishing Company. Online is the first step. An e-version of the book will be available upon completion for somewhere from six to ten dollars (I think) and some time after that my plan is to start printing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, outsourcing the material for twelve dollars a copy to author plus eight hundred up front was fun and all, but this is 2011 and dang near anything is possible thanks to the wonder of affordable laser printers! In the mean time I’ll be writing more short works and looking for unpublished bits form other authors to add to the collection, so find the facebook page, become a fan, and drop in now and then, because there’s much more to come!

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