Act Two – Scene Eight: Could I Get it in Writing, please?

I’ve got a list of things to do tonight the length of my arm. I’m not doing them. Instead, I’ve decided to take a little time to bake an apple crisp and work on Irith Queen, as I’m affectionately calling it for the time being. I’ve been stuck for a while now on a little episode in which Gail enters NaRasch and spends the night at an inn in Druden – simple I know. And therefore particularly hard. I’m looking for something to the effect of the rabbit trail that the prime minister of Vestrodge created, but so far the only thing getting off track is my attention. It doesn’t need to be much – just enough to replace the hole left by the deletion of the character “Gorren” (who the heck named that kid? Her parents must have… oh wait – that was me – never mind). My plan is to streamline the chapters which occur in NaRasch a little more, fleshing it out to discuss the pre-war climate before I move into the expanded politics of Gaeline and the history of the Stargazer and his son… There, I’m getting off track again. I guess I’ve got my evening planned out.

How bout some title-relevant news… Perhaps this is a bit reachy, but I’m thinking June 15th is a reasonable launch date for the paperback version of The Princess and the Paladin. Soon the uncultured masses of Hazelton will be able to read it! And well that’s all I’ve got to say about that. The printing and binding process promises to be entertaining, filled with adventure (yes, I’ve been reading Lord of the Rings again) and possibly a giant waste of time – only the last commodity will tell.


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