Act Two – Scene Five: The Outcoming

Well, I’ve said it on facebook, so I might as well say it here. I’m hoping to release The Fall of NaRasch part one this Christmas. Yes, I realize that’s only a month away. I think I said “hoping”…

It was about a month ago now that I was pondering my inability to get anything done in the way of writing, when I decided to drop what I was doing in and about chapter twenty-three, and go back to Vestrodge in hopes that another editorial pass might spark my interest in the story again and give me the momentum to push on through NaRasch. I was somewhere in the middle of Arme when it suddenly struck me like a hundred pound (I know, we’re metric. I’m trying, really I am. It would be a little easier if I didn’t have to use an imperial tape measure at work. Carpet and linoleum still comes in 12′ rolls, you know) meteor. I don’t have to release the book all at once. Tolkien did it, hell ‘A Christmas Carol’ was released in five parts originally. So, taking a moment to solemnly swear to myself that under all circumstances I would NOT allow this book to become a trilogy (I hate the phrase – Lord of the Rings is really six books, you know. It was never intended to be three, or to have the three dumbass names that the publishers tagged onto them. I’m still in search of a hard-cover leather bound six part edition) I set out to divide The Fall of NaRasch squarely in half. To my surprise, as I continued reading, I found that I had unwittingly already created my dividing point. I came to the end of chapter 19 and the incident of the Paladin (perhaps I’m giving too much away now that I’m about to release it) and, finding Leordon laying on his back in the dirt unconscious, I had on my last alteration been unsure how to transition to the next day and simply ended there. Chapter twenty begins with a sweeping description of Soptrod and the Bandets. It was perfect. I made a few last minute changes, and began sending it out to my editors.

I’ve toyed with a few different title ideas, but I think I’ve settled on Part One: The Princess and the Paladin. It seems somehow fitting.

I’ve also updated the site – you hadn’t noticed – so if there’s a few places where my old html doesn’t quite fit properly I apologize for that. I’ll be going through and changing stuff around. My old design was a little bit rebellious toward the blog format and the whole css thing. I’m learning slowly to let rules be rules and live by them, so you’ll start to see things fit together a little better in the weeks to come. The first step is to actually write my posts in html, like I’m doing now. Can’t tell the difference? That’s okay. I Can.

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