Act Two – Scene Six: First Appearance

part2-first-lookWell, moving onward, here’s a first look at a concept piece for part two of The Fall of NaRasch. I’m toying with the name Irith Queen for the second book, but haven’t settled on it completely yet. At this moment I’ve gone through the first third of the book and, I think, rewritten most of that first third. Now my attention lies with the rest, and the more I ponder the changes I’d like to make, the more I think this is “book revision” is going to be more revision than book. I’m not even entirely sure it’s going to end the same way. As such I’m trying to accomplish something that I rarely have achieved before: an outline. Yes, that’s right. I, Hiram Webb, am attempting to condense my story into point form in hopes that this little-used method will help me to gain a clear direction for the necessary changes and, hopefully, restrict me to some sort of timeline. In the mean time, I seem to have wasted (or well spent) an evening poking about photoshop in order to come up with a tentative cover which, at the moment, I’m very happy with. We shall see if it stands the test of time.

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