A: Hiram

I’ve been writing in one form or another from the time I learned how. I wrote my first fiction around the age of 8 – a three page book about some poor bastard who came repeatedly within an inch of his life on his way home for Christmas. Entitled something like ‘the hardest journey ever’ it has since passed into oblivion never to return (I hope). I, however, went on to bigger and better things. I wrote short stories all through school which, as I came into my teens grew into longer stories and at last became ‘Gateway’. This comic tale would eventually be rewritten as ‘Garawain – the Gateway Document’ and self-published as a 360 page fiction fantasy. Today it’s being rewritten again, and set to re-release shortly as ‘The Fall of NaRasch’. I’m not in it for the money – there is none. I write because I love telling stories. My hope is that you enjoy reading them at least half as much as I enjoy telling them.-Hiram Webb

The Princess and the Paladin

Princess Gail of NaRasch receives the most extravagant gift in the history of her father's empire – a gift which earns her imprisonment. Hopes of rescue are complicated when a would-be savior becomes her greatest foe, and an unlikely falling in with pirates brings her an ancient talisman which may just come to define her in Hiram Webb’s debut fantasy: The Princess and the Paladin.


Here is a collection of short stories, songs and poems which are the product of Hiram's grade twelve writing portfolio. Plagiarists be warned - see enclosed copyright.

Project Phoenix

Set in Coreson in the years leading up to the Fall of NaRasch, Project Phoenix is the story of a young intern in the School of the Prophets, preparing for graduation. This unfinished tale, on its way to becoming a full novelette, will outline the events surrounding the infamous Prophetic Incident and bring an introduction to Maleoke Parphonette, Silence and Averell. Also outlined in this story is the journey of Maroward before it came into Gail's possession.