The Princess and the Paladin


The Princess and the Paladin comes out in just one week! Editing is done, proofreading has been condensed into one master proof, and I should have my final manuscript by Monday! Now all that remains is the book cover, the synopsis, and the author bio (ugg). As for the first of the three, I think I've got that nailed down at last. What you've seen up to this point have been renditions of what I intend to be the print cover, but it occurred to me only yesterday that there is no reason why the print and ePub versions must be exactly the same. In fact, there are many reasons why they should not. A printed book is based upon 400dpi (in my case) and will be a static size on printed paper, while the ePub will be viewed strictly on screen, which therefore will be 71-200dpi (depending on whether you're using an old school monitor or an iPad, or anything in between) and must look good both as a greyscale image, and as a thumbnail down to an inch tall. Therefore, I present the following. --->>

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