Summarizing a book in few enough words to fit on the back cover can be more difficult than actually writing the book.

Here’s my latest and (I feel) most successful attempt:

The Empire is failing. The old king knew it, and did his best to aid the changing of the time, but his son has other ideas. The new king of NaRasch begins to strengthen his armies and oppress his subjects. He undoes everything that his late father has done, including imprisoning Gail, his half-sister and queen of Gaeline, though she is queen only in title and has never so much as set foot in Gaeline, let alone issued an order as queen.

Imprisoned against her will on false charges, Gail is just beginning to think things can’t get any worse when they do. She is ‘rescued’, or perhaps ‘stolen’ would be a better word, by the horror called Paladin, and sold to Bandets to be offered as ransom to a brother who has no wish to buy her back. Somewhere between three enemies which all want her dead, she must escape their grasp and make her friends wherever she can find them, from Pirates, to Prophets, to Kings. She must survive, she must run. She must find out exactly what her sword Maroward does, and she must either flee or face the Paladin. At some point she must find out whether or not she really is the queen of Gaeline, and perhaps she must help her allies in their desperate plan to bring about the dethroning of her brother and the fall of NaRasch.

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  1. And, Take Two

    The Karbaan of NaRasch had known that his empire was failing. Before his death he had done his best to aid the changing of time and the passing of power. He had disbanded much of his army and given away much of his power. Though his daughter Gail was far from the line of succession he had appointed her as queen of the remote kingdom Gaeline, and given its lands into her keeping to be separate from the empire.

    But now the old Karbaan is dead, and it seems that his son has other views about the future of NaRasch. He rebuilds the army, and reinstates the black watch as his personal guard. He arrests Gail from her home in NaRasch and imprisons her on false charges of rebellion, though she has never seen Gaeline or issued an order as queen. Convicted without trial and locked in the impenetrable Shadokoep, Gail is just beginning to think things can’t get any worse for her, when they do.

    A rescue mission turns into a kidnapping and lands her far from NaRasch in the hands of Bandets with an Elemental for a fellow captive. Pursued by the dreaded monster known as Paladin, and still considered a fugitive from the empire, can she find friends in a world full of enemies? Can she discover the use of the ancient sword she has been given? Is she really the queen of Gaeline?

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